Alto size fixed and price adjustments

A customer notifed us that the given size of the Twin Tails „Alto“ was that if the „mini“ and not of the „Small“ variant.
We have taken new meassurements and fixed this.

Twin Tails prices

While checking this, we noticed that Twin Tails had raised some and lowered other prices.
We have chosen a very optimistic exchange rate as we adjusted our prices to match.

Improved descriptions

We also improved some old-style descriptions.
For example, the Mocha and the Atlas now links the two size variants
(Also for the different versions of the Sidewinder „Arashiin“).
Also it seems that the Small Hidora was missing an english translation,
Atlas medium was showing a default photo of an Atlas small in English (it was correct in German).
And while at it, we consolidated the wording for „ejaculating“ in German and English product names.