3 new large toys!

For 3 popular toys,
we have now added LARGE versions:

Atlas the Unicorn (Large)

We already have a Medium and a Small Atlas.
Now we have also added an Atlas the Unicorn (Large) to the shop.
It comes with 32cm of total and 25cm of usable length while
the smaller „Medum“ only has 23cm of usable length.

Jake the Stout Werewolf (L)

We shortened the name to remove the „knotplug“ as it became too long for our labels.
The Large Knotplug now features 16cm of usable length and a 6.7cm knot while the small one has 13cm.

Alto the Chameleon (L)

Alto the large Chameleon now features 21.5cm of usable length instead of 16cm in the small Chameleon