Improved statistics in preparation for Eurofurence

This was quite a lot of programming work today.
This is one of the many tasks that don’t come to mind when you hear „operating a webshop“.

Last year

We can not bring all toys to Eurofurence. There’s just too many of them.
So we have to choose.
In storage, our toys are organised on boxes of up to 6 different models.
Only models of the same manufacturer end up in a box.
In preparation for Last year’s Dealers Den we wrote 2 new statistics:

  • How popular are the products in all boxes of a manufacturer.
    • So we can make boxes with only popular and only unpopular toys
  • What are the N best boxes in terms of the popularity of their toys
    • So we can pack the most popular ones
  • Export this list of boxes in a format our custom „price list“ printing program understand
    • So the printed catalogues in the Dealers Den queue only contain products we actually have at Eurofurence.

We already made a switch to ignore products that are currently out of stock, so they won’t skew the popularity of a box.

This year

What we still had to do manually is to make sure all products that are new
(where not in the shop at the last Eurofurence) are in boxes we bring to the Dealers Den.
Especially since they may be so new, that there was no chance of them becoming popular yet.
So we added the ability to import this information into the statistics database,
store it, display it as additional details next to products and boxes, took care of all the special cases, debugged everything and finally added a second switch to ignore or use this information when sorting the popularity of products and boxes.