Paper jam – an existential crisis

The less glorious parts of running a dildo shop:
Instead of enjoying a sunny Sunday,
we just spend the better part of an evening fixing a paper jam in our (reasonably) big printer.
Down to the point of going through the service manual to take it apart (with some very scary steps).

It may sound benign but having to prepare customs paperwork for Monday and printing invoices and postage for shipping as well as (legally mandatory) product packaging, this is critical.

At this point we know every single photo-interruptor and levered microswitch that has anything to do with paper detection.
Turned out a tiny piece of paper was stuck in a hidden part, used only for duplex printing.
Of cause when we found out, every other part of this hellish contraption was already inspected, cleaned and tested a dozen times over.

Print quality is crap for the time being but good enough for customs paperwork.
In the past, this has solve itself by just having enough unimportant things to print until the last spec of paper dust and microscopic air bubble has left the system.