New DHL prices for October

We just received the new DHL prices for October.
No major surprises. We have prepared the new prices for the shop and will upload them, when the time comes.
…after Eurofurence is in the past and we had time to collapse from complete exhaustion that is.

They no longer give a comprehensive list of all their surcharges in the price list.
This makes it quite complicated.
The Energy-Surcharge gets lowered to 0.
DHL hinted that the Maut+CO2 surcharge may be lowered in a few month.
No mention if the Brexit surcharge is still in place and if it applies to Northern Ireland zip-codes.
The list of international crisis surcharges is still online, so they are likely still in effect.
Sweden and Finnland are still and additional +4.3eur for parcels to be delivered to the door instead of a closest drop-point.

Also… after cancelling our postbox themself (remodelling the post office building),
they tried to deliver the new prices to that post box. So their own research department had to figure out who to deliver it to.