New DHL prices for October

We just received the new DHL prices for October.
No major surprises. We have prepared the new prices for the shop and will upload them, when the time comes.
…after Eurofurence is in the past and we had time to collapse from complete exhaustion that is.

They no longer give a comprehensive list of all their surcharges in the price list.
This makes it quite complicated.
The Energy-Surcharge gets lowered to 0.
DHL hinted that the Maut+CO2 surcharge may be lowered in a few month.
No mention if the Brexit surcharge is still in place and if it applies to Northern Ireland zip-codes.
The list of international crisis surcharges is still online, so they are likely still in effect.
Sweden and Finnland are still and additional +4.3eur for parcels to be delivered to the door instead of a closest drop-point.

Also… after cancelling our postbox themself (remodelling the post office building),
they tried to deliver the new prices to that post box. So their own research department had to figure out who to deliver it to.

Updated DHL surcharges

We implemented the updated DHL surcharges for the month of May in the YiffyToys shop.
Note that these are only surcharges that DHL charges on top of the regular shipping prices.
To be completely fair to everyone and charge exactly what DHL charges.
(Because if we don’t, ultimately all customers together pay the difference.)

Energy surcharge

DHL reduces the „energy surcharge“ from 2.50% to 1.25% as the effects of the Russian war in the Ukraine diminishes.
This surcharge is published by DHL monthly.

Crisis fees

DHL lowers the „crisis fee“ for:

  • Australia from 3,70€/Kg to 3,50€/Kg,
  • Canada from 2,05€/Kg to 1.95€/Kg,
  • USA from 2.35€/Kg to 2.15€/Kg
  • Chile from 3,9€ to 2,8€,

… It’s a long list.
They also lower the „crisis fees“ for some entire lists of countries like „zone 4“ from 1.5€/Kg to 0.35€/Kg

DHL Sweden+Finnland fuckup

am 20.04.2023 haben wir Sie über die Berechnung der Haustürzustellungen in Schweden und Finnland seit
Januar 2023 informiert. Dabei ist uns leider ein Fehler unterlaufen.
Die Zusatzkosten für eine Haustürzustellung werden Ihnen entsprechend Ihrer aktuellen Preiskonditionen
bereits ab Januar 2023 für eingelieferte DHL Paket International Premium Sendungen in Rechnung gestellt
und nicht wie fälschlicherweise kommuniziert erst ab dem 01.05.2023.“

DHL wrote that they informed people on the 20th of April about a new fee for Sweden and Finnland effective since January. …spot the mistake.

DHL updates in shop

We updated to a new major version of the DHL integration.
(After fiddling with dependencies for a while.)
For customers, the following changes should be visible:

  • On the pickup location finder map in checkout, if available, show description of the building/facility etc. a service point is located within.
  • Select „Named Person Only“ service with DHL Paket National shipments.
  • Select „No Neighbor Delivery“ service with DHL Paket National shipments.

DHL Probleme

Eine ganze Ladung an Paketen, die am 5.1.2017 an DHL übergeben wurden,
erschien nicht im Tracking.
Heute 12:23 wurden diese anscheinend alle im Paketzentrum Lahr gefunden und eingescannt.
Sie dürften sich jetzt auf den regulären Weg machen.

new 2023 DHL prices

We have activated the new DHL prices in the YiffyToys shop.
Some prices have gone down, som up.
The majority of you will pay a slightly lower price when selecting „DHL“ as the shipping method in checkout.


Sorry, we forgot the 12ct „toll+CO2 surcharge“ and the new „energy-surcharge“ in the new DHL pricelist.
Luckily the November+December surcharge doesn’t apply anymore
but we will have to regularly update to apply the monthly changing „energy-surcharge“ that DHL charges.

DHL even more overloaded then normally on Christmas


DHL informed us that they are experiencing way more parcel volume then even on a „normal“ Christmas.
They say, that everything they have to transport parcels is moving and there are no spares left to increase capacity.
So everything may be delayed by up to an additional day.


Liebe Kund*innen und Geschäftspartner*innen,

im Folgenden stellen wir Ihnen die wichtigsten Informationen zur aktuellen Bearbeitungssituation in Ihrem Abgangspaketzentrum Lahr zur Verfügung: Leider kommt es aktuell aufgrund von hohen Sendungsmengen zu Einschränkungen an Ihrem Standort. 

Die Bearbeitung von Paketen in Ihrem Paketzentrum verzögert sich momentan um bis zu einen Tag.

Sie können die nächste Einmalige Abholung wieder ab dem 16.12.2021 buchen.

Aufgrund von sehr hohen Verkehrsmengen befinden sich unsere Transportbetriebsmittel momentan nahezu vollständig im Umlauf. Es kann in Einzelfällen dazu kommen, dass sich die Versorgung mit Wechselbrücken, Rollbehältern und weiterem Leergut verzögert oder nur im Tausch stattfindet.

Wir bitten, auftretende Verzögerungen zu entschuldigen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ihr Post & DHL Team

New DHL prices

We have set up the new DHL shipping prices for 2022 in the shop.
(We have also simplified the process for us to enter the various, shifting Corona-surcharges for individual countries.)
While many international destinations and larger German have become slightly more expensive,
smaller German parcels have reduced in price slightly and the Brexit surcharge for UK destinations has been lowered.

DHL delivery options fixed

During checkout an empty, orange box was shown where the DHL delivery options should have been. This was caused by a Javascript error in a DHL module and we have just installed the fixed version.

You can now select parcel stations, post offices and prefered delivery times again.