DHL Probleme

Eine ganze Ladung an Paketen, die am 5.1.2017 an DHL übergeben wurden,
erschien nicht im Tracking.
Heute 12:23 wurden diese anscheinend alle im Paketzentrum Lahr gefunden und eingescannt.
Sie dürften sich jetzt auf den regulären Weg machen.

DHL even more overloaded then normally on Christmas


DHL informed us that they are experiencing way more parcel volume then even on a „normal“ Christmas.
They say, that everything they have to transport parcels is moving and there are no spares left to increase capacity.
So everything may be delayed by up to an additional day.


Liebe Kund*innen und Geschäftspartner*innen,

im Folgenden stellen wir Ihnen die wichtigsten Informationen zur aktuellen Bearbeitungssituation in Ihrem Abgangspaketzentrum Lahr zur Verfügung: Leider kommt es aktuell aufgrund von hohen Sendungsmengen zu Einschränkungen an Ihrem Standort. 

Die Bearbeitung von Paketen in Ihrem Paketzentrum verzögert sich momentan um bis zu einen Tag.

Sie können die nächste Einmalige Abholung wieder ab dem 16.12.2021 buchen.

Aufgrund von sehr hohen Verkehrsmengen befinden sich unsere Transportbetriebsmittel momentan nahezu vollständig im Umlauf. Es kann in Einzelfällen dazu kommen, dass sich die Versorgung mit Wechselbrücken, Rollbehältern und weiterem Leergut verzögert oder nur im Tausch stattfindet.

Wir bitten, auftretende Verzögerungen zu entschuldigen.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Ihr Post & DHL Team

New DHL prices

We have set up the new DHL shipping prices for 2022 in the shop.
(We have also simplified the process for us to enter the various, shifting Corona-surcharges for individual countries.)
While many international destinations and larger German have become slightly more expensive,
smaller German parcels have reduced in price slightly and the Brexit surcharge for UK destinations has been lowered.

DHL delivery options fixed

During checkout an empty, orange box was shown where the DHL delivery options should have been. This was caused by a Javascript error in a DHL module and we have just installed the fixed version.

You can now select parcel stations, post offices and prefered delivery times again.


Stuck at the DHL airport?

Looks like we have 2 delivery from FoxyRabbit and Zetacreations,
both not having left the local DHL freight airport in serveral days.
Hopefully both will arrive in customs (and the customs notification get here) before WE leave for the first multi-day, in-person furmeet of the year.

Speaking of furmeets, we are currently preparing our booth for the After-Dark section of the Eurofurence Online II dealers den.
Being made slightly complicated by the VR dealers den not allowing any kind of adult content to be visible in the graphics.

New 2021 DHL Prices

We have added the new 2021 DHL prices.
Like every year, all DHL prices have become ever so slightly more expensive.
As the (temporarily reduced) German VAT rate goes back up to 19%, so do all the EU shipping fees. non-EU exports obviously don’t include VAT.


While GB has always been a „premium delivery only“ country,
sadly it now also includes +4.49€ just for GB.
But at least the +19% German VAT are gone now.
They are however replaced by 20% UK VAT payed at delivery and we are required to incur a minimum order size of 135£ to comply with HMRC changes in VAT rules independent of BREXIT.
That is, as soon as DHL accepts parcels for the UK and Ireland again.


For Germany the +0.10€ for Maut get an additional +0.01€ for the new CO2 tax.

DHL update

We did a major update of the DHL shipping module in our shop software.
You can now select a DHL parcel station on a nice map
and we are prepared for the next major version of the shop software in a few month.
(We are waiting for a compatible version of a special, German plugin needed to display base prices per 1L/1Kg for bottles of lubricants. A feature required by law.)

Now we will have to wait for the first customer to create orders with the new module, to verify that (bulk) printing and our own extensions are still working as designed. We know that it still does work with orders that already exist.

DHL – changes in USA shipping

Due to the SARS-SoV2 most international flights are cancelled.
Up to now this ment long waiting times for a plane to carry parcels along and a small surcharge to all parcels headed for the US.

Starting 15th of September that surcharge will be lifted (and we will reduce our prices accordingly) but a lot of parcels will travel by sea. So the waiting time for a flight will be replaced by the travel time of a cargo ship slow steaming across the Atlantic.
DHL says this means 25-30 days of travel time for parcels.

Premium parcels are still flown (and still have the surcharge in addition to the already high price tag) but due to the weight of our products, we do not offer that service.

DHL shipping to NL fixed

A while ago we automated our shipping fee calculation due to all of DHLs Corona-fees for different countries. It seems while doing so we have forgotten the Netherlands in the big table of country codes.
So for NL (but not the Netherland Antilles) only „pickup at converntion“ would show up and no „DHL shipping“.

This has been brought to our attention this morning and we have just been able to fix it.

We are also asking DHL for clarification on what Corona-fees for different countries are still in effect as there have been a large number of changes we have to incorportate for different countries and DHL’s updates are purely incremental.