New manufacturer: Foxy Rabbit

And here they stare: the announcements for what we have in store for you at Eurofurence.

We have added an entire new manufacturer to our collection.

Foxy Rabbit.

And we are starting of with not one or two but 7 new toys.

Going into detail on all of these toys would be way too much for a single blog posting.

You can go and see all of them in the new category Deep Down->Foxy Rabbit including our usual assortments of comparison photos to get a good estimate of what actual size the meassurements mean.

Tyson (Small) and Tyson (Medium)

Syldria(Small) and Syldria (Medium)

Cain (Small) and Cain (Medium)

and on top: Syldria (Large)

For the time being they are all marked as „out of stock“ in the shop.

You have to come to either

  1. one of our two YiffyToys room parties
  2. or visit us in the new After Dark Dalers Den that Eurofurence is offering for the first time.

We do this, so that there are enough of these at EF for people to actually see and hold in their own hands instead of just seeing a number of photos online.

After Eurofurence you will be able to order them onling like any other toy.