Eurofurence 24 – Room Partys, After Dark Dealers Den and Order Pickup

The Big Ol‘ Room Party!

Like every year, we have rented a suite in the Estrel hotel again. There we will host a room party. To be precise… we’ll host two room parties.

Suite:  11222 (tower 1, floor 12, room 22)
Thursday starting 20:00 – open end
Friday      starting 20:00 – open end

We’ll announce the the room number:

The After Dark Dealers Den!

This year Eurofurence will have a small, experimental Dealers Den just for adult items. Let’s make this a success, so we can have this again next year!

The After Dark Dealers Den has different opening times from the regular Dealers Den.

Room:  In the small conference room 30212 (and 30210) on the 2nd level of block 3.
Thursday 16:00 – 19:00
Friday        16:00 – 19:00
Saturday: TBD

Space is limited. While we have nearly everything at the Room Party, we can only have a limted selected of the newest and best selling toys behind our Dealers Den table.

You can find us in Dealers Den right here:

What to expect at the party?

There will be free (non alcoholic) refreshments. Some music. A comfortable environment. A bouncer at the door, making sure it’s not overcrowded.
…and, being a sex toy shop, you can look at, touch (in sealed packaging) and buy nearly everything we sell.
Dildos in all shapes and sizes, lubricants, bondage equipment, condoms, masturbators, ….

Picking up orders

Again you can order in the YiffyToys shop and select „pick up at convention“ for free.
Then pick up your order during one of the two Room Partys.
If you already know what you want to buy, you are strongly advised to order in advance, using the online shop!
Custom made products will only be accepted for pick up until two weeks before the convention and only on a case by case basis. Please ask first.

Exclusive new toys

Every year we have a few toys that you can see for the very first time during our room party.
This year we will introduce a range of entirely new manufacturers at EF!

Behavior at the room party

  • Please don’t arrive exactly at 20:00 but at any random time after because everyone else will do the same. These partys go on for a long time. There is absolutely no need to arrive right at the start. In fact, it’s much more enjoyable after the crowd has thinned.
  • if you ask for a toy to have a look at it, don’t hand it to anyone behind you. This quickly escalates and we can’t afford expensive toys to „get lost“.
  • no alcohol and no intoxicated guests
  • a bouncer at the door may tell you to return later, if the suite is already crowded
  • sorry, no sex or nudity at the party. Not because we don’t like it but because it does tend to make other guest uncomfortable, who just want to look at or buy something.
  • don’t open the packaging of any toys in the suite.
  • no photos