After vacation: Huge deliveries by Exotic Erotics and Bad Wolf

We have been away for a few days and have just returned.
All waiting orders have been shipped.
Things are back to normal now.

EE Delivery

There was a huge delivery of Exotic Erotics toys.
Since US deliveries are heavily delayed due to the low number of flights,
lots of toys are still out of stock (despite having plenty of supply when we placed this order 2 month ago).

We have already placed our next order (even larger then the last one) to take care of that situation.

Bad Wolf Delivery

We also just received a lot of Wolf Cum Lube and Bad Wolf toys.
The 250ml version has a new bottle and we’ll update our photos during the weekend.

Here we will place a new order tomorrow.

Expecting Twin Tails

There is also a delivery by Twin Tails, that has already arrived in Germany. However we haven’t received it yet.

FurryStyle delays

There has been a rush on custom toys by FurryStyle.
This is currently resulting in a delay of a few days in refilling our „shelves“.